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The Ultimate Executive Retreats – Be a True Corporate Explorer

Looking for a way to knock off some items on your Bucket List? You’ve found the right place.

If you have the resources, Corporate Explorer Training can literally make your dreams come true. With an impressive array of connections and a wide assortment of intense world experiences to draw from, nearly anything is possible. If you can conceive it, we can deliver an experience to match your highest expectations.

For an idea of what kinds of things are possible, consider options like these:

CEO Ladder
  • Ascend World Famous Mountains
  • Ride a Motorcycle the Length of a Continent
  • Leap Off Cliffs on the Way to the Bottom Of the Grand Canyon
  • Ski the Last Degree to the South Pole
  • Combine a Safari with an ascent Mt. Kilamanjaro
  • Tag the North Pole
  • Kayak Lake Powell and Visit Remote Slot Canyons
  • Climb a Nicaraguan Island Volcano one day, Ski Down Another the Next


Corporate Explorer Training’s Executive Retreats are highly customized programs that will be tailored to fit the exact specifications for your Adventure. The type of learning and peak life experience that are possible with unlimited programs like this are remarkable.

To explore some of the options, or to share your own visions for creating the Ultimate Executive Retreat, contact us directly.

For less exotic special programs, please review our Custom Programs for teams wanting specific outcomes and activities put together expressly for your team.

8 Productive Practices of Peak Performing People

More than ever, companies are looking to get value from funds they spend on education and events for their staff. Combining the element of professional development with engaging Adventures is a great way to do this.

Each of these principles will be discussed in a facilitated dialogue. This will be followed by a fun, experiential Adventure or game that will drive the concept home.


How the program works:

This is a modular program that can be tailored to the needs of the organization. It can be delivered as either:

  • A half-day program ~ 3.5 hours

  • A full-day program ~ 7-8 hours (with meal break)

Benefits to client include:


  • Doubling up on value with Team Activity and Employee Skills Training
  • Boosting the company bottom line as new Habits are learned and put into practice
  • A natural way to enhance team building with a non-traditional and fun training
  • Customizable program that can be tweaked to focus on the most important issues for your business
  • Facilitation by a recognized expert as part of the package
  • Better employee retention and satisfaction as easily absorbed concepts are taught
  • More effective attitude concerning challenges and ongoing projects
  • Productivity boosted as efficiency is increased
  • A TON of FUN on this Training Adventure

Participants will both learn all the Outstanding Practices and have a chance to put them to practice during the program. It is a fun, intereactive and engaging environment.

7 Habits Training
Chess Construction

Your people will surprise you with what is possible in 12 minutes time using highly productive practices.


Chess Complete

Whether you choose the half or full day, in either case, there will be stand alone interactive introduction to the program AND a wrap up that will review and reinforce the principles.  For the half-day program, companies will get to customize their program by selecting 3 of the most suitable and desirable Habits to focus on. The other 4 habits in this case, will be briefly reviewed.

The full-day program will feature ALL 8 Productive Practices. In certain cases, it would be possible to cover this in two half-day sessions to accommodate a client’s needs.

Team Celebration

Creating Misson Vision & Values

Sailing Your Company Ship With Intention – Build The Framework to Support Success

Ironically, the linchpin to corporate achievement is the hardest element to create in a vacuum. Bringing in a Corporate Explorer Training facilitator to guide your team through this process of creating the Mission Vision & Values of your business can pay huge dividends. This can be done without outside help. But it is a notably smoother and accelerated progression towards finalizing this all important context for your businesswith expert assistance.

Identifying and defining Core Values is a crucial step for any company, department or team. These values literally impact every aspect of the business. They govern all of the behavior and actions of your people. Values set the tone for the organization and can be used to identify ideal new employees who will fit in naturally.

Creating Mission Vision Values with Clarity
  • Create a Sense of Purpose Within Your Company
  • Clarify and Define Company Values
  • Eliminate Directional Ambiguity
  • Build Consistency Within Your Business
  • Link Vision to Day-to-day Reality
  • Ensure Understanding of Corporate Mission
  • Make Certain Business Stakeholders Remain Focused
  • Know What Success Looks Like So You’ll Know When You Get There!



Corporate Explorer Training makes the process easy and fun by using tested methodsto collectively press forward through this potenially complicated process. Best of all, the relationship with the facilitator can be an ongoing one. This program offers continued support so that the living Mission, Vision & Values you’ve created continue to evolve and drive your company’s success.

Make sure that the Mission, Vision and Values of your business exist within the minds and hearts of your staff. These concepts are at the core of your company. And as such, they must reach beyond existing as a footnote to your website or a sign on the wall reception.

1 year visioncore values

The session was excellent, we went farther, faster and deeper then I had expected and the results are excellent. – Andrew Lind, Jonview/Transat

Corporate Explorer Training will deliver this program in tandem with any other program or as a standalone product. The more company stakeholders that can be involved with this process, the better. We can work with groups of any size. And by keeping people involved in the process, they will identify with and take ownership of the outcomes.This program draws teams together.

Mission group


The Art of Presenting

Compressed & Effective Public Speaking Training


Your company’s public points of contact are critical to the bottom line of your business. Presenting your business and products dynamically and effectively through your staff is one way to distinguish yourself in the market. The Art of Presenting is one of the most valuable skills that can be developed within your company, from the top executives down to the front line customer service professionals. And here’s something exciting: this training is a BLAST! Your team will feel prepared to handle pressure situations where quality presentations will impact the overall level of success your company generates in a massively positive way.

Standing Out
  • Inspire Confidence in Your People
  • Maximize the Benefits Offered by Public Interaction
  • Train Your Staff to Welcome Public Speaking Opportunities
  • Increase Sales With Effective Interaction
  • Developing Great Speaking Habits
  • Make the Most of Any Meeting
  • Extinguish Common Fears Associated with Public Speaking

Developing the confidence to effectively interact with people inside and outside the office can make the difference between enjoying success and suffering through unpleasant failure. The Art of Presenting was designed by Corporate Explorer Training to ensure that participants build skills that will enable them to prosper. This in turn will mean that your company will reap the benefits of having great points of contact, better sales closing statistics and an improved company image.

Though initially people might be apprehensive about public speaking training, their defenses are soon dropped. The Art of Presenting is a fun and creative program where people learn to welcome opportunities to speak.
Call us today to discuss how we can deliver this program for you.


Creating Cohesive Teams – Behavior Style 360° Matrix

Play a game where your entire team can interact in a fun way where they will learn to be effective with each other. In a freewheeling and fun format, everyone involved will become intimate with the strengths, challenges, motivation points and behavior styles of each team member. This process turbocharges your staff and allows them to understand how to work together to create better results as a group. And a team that KNOWS how to work together is a team that excels!

Understanding the various behavior styles people typically demonstrate can make the difference between great success and misunderstanding and inefficiency. It is that important. This program will give you the tools to interact effectively with the people in your office, your vendors and perhaps most importantly: your customers.

Behavior Style 360 Degree Feedback Matrix
  • Know What Motivates People
  • Understand How to Delegate Appropriately
  • Recognize Strengths and Challenges
  • Sell More Product by Knowing Your Customers
  • Ease Friction Within Your Office
  • Get the Best Performance From Everyone

This Corporate Explorer Training module is a dynamic group activity that will keep your people engaged and thinking throughout. By the end of the session, each person will understand the strengths, challenges, likes, dislikes and motivations of their own individual behavior style. Better still, they will also come to know the same things about the other three primary behavior types! This is incredibly useful information to have- both personally and professionally.

Your people will also walk away with a fine-tuned ‘answer key’ that they can refer to in the future to stay on top. They will also use the information they are given to creatively develop real-world strategies to interact effectively with other behavior styles.


This program can be used to augment any of our other programs; or it can be delivered in a standalone package. The more time your people have to work with the concepts presented with the Behavior Style 360 Degree Matrix, the deeper their understanding will be of how to successfully interact with people inside and outside the office.

The Corporate Explorer Training hybrid of the behavior matrix combines the most accessible and best elements of several different behavior classification methodologies.The DISC Assessment tool (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness) has many great aspects. Some similar concepts will be featured in the Behavior Style 360 Degree Matrix Module. It has been deliberately designed to avoid confusing attendees with an overload of information or classifications. The Meyers Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI, is a complex and potentially overwhelming classifcation system, for example. There are some great elements in the system, but to do it justice would involve dedicated study lasting many days. 16 distinct styles are too many for most groups to properly absorb in a short time. That being said, MBTI devotees will be able to effectively absorb the information in this program while staying in alignment with their MBTI classification.


PSI Seminars and their behavior matrix are also a source of inspiration for the Corporate Explorer Training model. Lastly, the MDI behavioral profile and their color model is also paid homage to with the Corporate Explorer Training Behavior Style 360 Degree Matrix Module. Participants who have already learned their behavior types will be able to integrate their learning and augment their training.

The driving principle behind the course design is to make the information both fun and accessible. Our approach is to make sure people can actually USE the information presented. Keeping your people engaged will mean they will walk away from the program armed with the knowledge of how to work effectively with anyone.

Book your program today so you can begin to reap the benefits of Corporate Explorer Training.

Authentic Leadership Adventure

Unbind the Leaders Within Your Business

The good news is that leadership is an acquired SKILL – it can be developed and refined by applying tools and practice. Significant, tangible and positive change is THE domain of leaders within a company.

By learning and living the principles of Authentic Leadership you can significantly boost the morale and enthusiasm within your company. And whoever said leadership programs had to be tests of endurance? This course is highly experiential and will be one of the most exciting and vibrant learning events you’ve ever had – guaranteed!

Authentic Leadership  
  • Identify Various Leadership Styles
  • Learn to Work Effectively with Teams
  • Optimize Business by Creating Leaders
  • Maintaining Integrity
  • Establishing Trust When Outcomes are Uncertain
  • Communicate Powerfully
  • Empower People to Work Independently


Leadership evolves over time. And since evolution inherently includes innovation and change over time, Authentic Leadership Adventure is a fully interactive training session exploring this concept stage by stage.

As a rule Leaders are more innovative than most people. In order to innovate, some degree of creativity must be present. Authentic Leaders demonstrate this capability. Since both creation and innovation require an element of commitment and risk, some impetus for change must be present to act as a catalyst. People who use that (potentially) irritating impetus as an opportunity to grow are among the most effective leaders. This impetus is the annoying grain of sand that eventually creates a radiant pearl.

The content of the initial training segment will focus on the ‘Management’ part of the leadership equation. It requires that the group engages in challenging interactions where they will be asked to complete a task multiple times – each time implementing at least a minimal level of original thought to maintain leadership in an ongoing evolution of the process.


As we proceed, the groups will be incorporating a feedback cycle into their process that will simply address the questions, “what worked?” and “what can we do better?” This is the essence of growth and self-development.

The session finishes with a review of the concepts and sharing from the group about their observations on what they learned and how to use the concepts and tools in a working environment.

Leadership training is the most direct and effective pathway to creating momentum within a business. To develop employees who will tackle any project with confidence, Corporate Explorer Training’s Authentic Leadership Adventure program is just the ticket.

Contact us today to explore what we can do for you and your company!

Clear Authentic & Productive (CAP) Feedback Module

Progress Accelerates with Great Feedback

This program is specifically designed to incorporate feedback into the culture of a business so that it is a valuable and welcomed regular ritual. Simply put, feedback is essential because at its root, it is how a business prospers. Constant and vigilant course corrections are necessary to steer a business towards success. Keeping employees happy and motivated with clear direction is essential to maintain a high level of performance and satisfaction.


CAP Feedback is an acronym for Clear, Authentic and Productive Feedback. Each of these words has been carefully chosen to describe a crucial facet of a successful feedback program. Clarity is essential because people MUST be able to decipher the feedback they receive. Without comprehension, feedback is a waste of time. Authenticity means that people will take the feedback process seriously; they recognize that their real input is important to the CAP Feedback process. Trust is built within the organization as the process begins to mature. Lastly, in order to be useful, feedback should be productive – that is good feedback gives people understanding of how to improve performance in the future.
Corporate Explorer Training has designed this program to be effective in any type of business environment. Quite possibly, it could be the single biggest positive step forward that any training could offer your business.

Affirm Blue Ribbon
  • Systematize the Feedback Process Within  Your Company
  • Build a Culture of Constant Improvement
  • Smooth Course Corrections  
  • Understand How to Capitalize on Strengths
  • Identify Challenging Areas
  • Creating a Culture of Feedback Means Constant Growth
  • Highlight Future Areas of Development