“The Experts At Effective, Memorable and FUN Corporate Training and Team Building Events…”

Finding the right fit for your company’s educational and training needs can be a challenge… 

Corporate Training Team BuildingFinding a training program that brings value to your business, keeps your employees engaged and invested, creates results and fits within your budget is a tall order… Fortunately, at Corporate Explorer Training, that’s all we do!

We will work with you to help select a program that fits your particular needs, and can even work with you to customize programs that will maximize the opportunity for growth and development.

The most valuable asset in any company is the human capital – the people that design, build, market, sell, manage and keep the doors open to any thriving company.  The most successful companies know how valuable it is to invest in their employees and teams… an investment that yields growth in communication, teamwork, efficiency and ultimately add to the bottom line.

In business, there is no stasis… You are either growing or you are in decline.  We specialize in building harmony, communication and cohesion in teams and companies… Whatever your goal, we can work with you to achieve it!

Key aspects that ALL our Training programs and Corporate Solutions share:


Our training programs are valuable – based on results.In fact, they are guaranteed to work! They will make a difference in your bottom line.


Education WITH retention happens because our programs are engaging, unique and thought-provoking. Your people will recall and use what they learn.


Barriers fall and resistance fades away when people enjoy the training they get. Our training is designed to be experiential, interactive and engaging.

Corporate Explorer Training offers valuable educational experiences that people remember.

Why is this important? Because developing leadership, communication, sales, presentation and other skills within an organization is one of the most important things a business can do to ensure success. It is also a surefire way to improve company efficiency, boost sales and create a healthy working environment.

Let’s face it, skills development and training programs can be boring. And how much are your people really learning if they are not engaged by the training they are exposed to? Probably, not much.

Here’s a beautiful thing, however: this does not have to be the case. There is a cure. Corporate Explorer Training delivers corporate training programs that are designed to keep your teams fully engaged. 

Partnering with Canadian Outback Adventures, a widely recognized brand in teambuilding and corporate event production, Corporate Explorer Training has a huge advantage over other companies. Have problems getting your staff excited about education? With the adventurous aspect incorporated into every Corporate Explorer Training program, people love participating and learning in this kind of environment.

Slingshot Communication

Using experiential activities, games specifically designed to teach business principles and group challenges, Corporate Explorer Training programs make an impact.  Programs can be customized to accommodate your specific needs. We can also incorporate any of Canadian Outback Adventures outstanding events and games into our programs.

The best way to find out how we can meet your needs is to contact us so we can EXPLORE the options together!

  • Because continued training and education means a more efficient and contented staff.
  • Training programs that come with a GUARANTEE: your satisfaction is assured!
  • The energy and enthusiasm of your employees is directly linked to your company’s revenue.
  • Corporate training does not have to be pedantic or boring.
  • The bottom line benefits of any training should far exceed the costs in time and money.
  • Skills development is an ongoing process where good companies have the chance to become excellent companies.